The Story About Us

O G Variar & Sons, Variar Bakery was started in the year 1955 in Guttahalli by my father O.Govinda Variar. Fifteen years later, the bakery moved to a new place at Rajajinagar in 1970. Thirty years later the bakery opened its second branch at West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar.

Our bakery is popularly known as Variar bakery and is famous for mouth-watering, delicious puffs and biscuits. People from all over the city come here and buy bakery products like bread, biscuits, puff and cakes regularly reason being that we uses the freshest of ingredients which are of a high quality. We do not use any kind of colouring or preservatives in products. This makes it extremely healthy even for daily consumption. Such is the popularity of our products that sometimes we see more than 3000 customers a day. The bakery in a day produces over two tons of biscuits and rusks. We only have 2 branches. For information about our branches, click here.

Products of O G Variar & Sons, Variar Bakery, Bangalore

The bakery makes a range of biscuits like Butter, Masala, Kara, Dry Coconut, Ginger, Coconut, Cashew, Fruit, Sweet and salt, Jaggery, Ragi and Milk biscuits. The bakery also sells a range of fresh breads and pav, people come early in the morning to enjoy it with their breakfast or as a tea time snack. The different types of breads we sell are Whole Wheat Bread, Kara Bread, Pav, Tea Bun and Cherry Bun. We also sell a range of cakes like Apple cake, Fruit cake, Honey cake, Japanese cake, Plain cake, Plum cake, Chocolate cream cake, Pineapple cream cake, Birthday cake and special X-mas cake during Christmas season. Some of our famous snack items include various puffs like Dilpasand/Fruit Puff, Twisted Khari, Pepper Masala Khari, Vegetable Puffs, Baked Nipat, Rusk, Plain Khari and Hard Puff. For list of products, click here.